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 iTs mY tUrn nOw... o_O

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PostSubject: iTs mY tUrn nOw... o_O   Tue Sep 28, 2010 2:57 am

Hi... tHis iZ Twisted Evil DeViL_WaRRioR Twisted Evil HeRe...
i LuV To Be Da PaRT oF GamerzTaG ServerLike a Star @ heaven...

SuMTHin aBouT Me:-
m fRm INDIA...
m a FuN LuViN GuY... Razz
i LuV GaMeZ, GaMeZ nD MoRe GaMeZ... <3

aDViSe FoR Da GaMeRz:-
"DoN't eVeR tRy To BReaK Da RuLeZ... i KNoW RuLeZ R MeNT To BReaK
BuT iF u BReaK Da RuLeZ... aDMiNz WiLL BReaK u..."

HoPe tHis SeRVeR WiLL Be tHe BeSt SeRVeR eVeR...
So... eNJoY GuYz...
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PostSubject: Re: iTs mY tUrn nOw... o_O   Tue Sep 28, 2010 2:13 pm

Welcome to GamerzTaG i m Tushar a.k.a Bull_BoY
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iTs mY tUrn nOw... o_O
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