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 Meaning of short forms

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PostSubject: Meaning of short forms   Tue Nov 23, 2010 10:49 pm

JFGI - Just fucking google it
gtfo - get the fuck out
stfu - shut the fuck up.
aka : as known as
m8 : mate
rly : really
lol: laughing out loud
lmao: laugh my ass off
rofl: rolling on the floor laughing
brb: be right back
afk: away from the keyboard
ty : thank you
thx: thanks
np: no problem
wtf : what the ****
BITCH : Babe In Total Control Honey
BTW : By The Way
gr8 : Great
g2g : Got 2 Go
omg : Oh my God
nm : Nothing Much
nvm : Never Mind
ppl : people
ftw : For The Win!!!
gm : Game Master
gn : Good Night
cya : bye
tmi : Too Much Information
l8r : later
are : are
u : you
plz/pls : please
wat : what
sup : whats up (wassup?)
qt : quite
GEN X : Generation X
GEN Y : Generation Y
ttyl : Talk to you later
ROFL :Rolling On Floor Laughing
coz : because
idk : i dont know

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Meaning of short forms
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