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 xGaminG SerVeR Rules

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PostSubject: xGaminG SerVeR Rules   Tue Nov 23, 2010 10:31 pm

This are the rules in xGaminG SerVeR

* Dont cheat
* Spawnkilling is not allowed
* Dont drive-by with vortex
* dont annoy players with using speedboost
* Dont heli kill
* Dont use racist names
* Dont use foul language
* Dont spam in the chat
* Dont kill players with Rustler at spawn/teleport places
* Mods wich makes u better then others are not allowed
* Dont advertise other severs in chat
* Dont abuse bugs

If u do not accept and break some of these rules above u can be kicked or banned from the server or forums!
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xGaminG SerVeR Rules
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